?Xiao Yong, Professor of Gengdan Academy of Design, gave lectures in the United States.

Release time:2019-9-18 15:27:54

IDEEC 2019, the first International Design Education Expo & Conference was held on August 16-18, 2019 at the "Silicon Valley" Center in San Jose, California. Professor Xiao Yong, the director of the Academic Committee of Gengdan Academy of Design, was invited to give a speech.


The International Design Education Expo and Conference (IDEEC) was co-sponsored by California State University, the Granshan International Font Design Association and the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA SF). 35 speakers and 350 education and design professionals from all around the world were invited to join this academic conference emphasizing innovation, global vision, diverse cultures and specializations. Those excellent designers from the education area and academia delivered speeches on methodology, professional practice and related topics and share their insights into the development and future vision of international cutting-edge design.

Professor Xiao Yong gave a speech on the topic of “Visual Design Education and Practice” receiving wide attention and praise from the participants. At the same time, Professor Xiao and his students also took their works to the exhibition of international college students' works.



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