Foreign Specialists Arrive on Campus for Corporate Finance and Company Reports Bootcamp

Release time:2019-7-8 23:34:17

Three new foreign specialists joined in International Business School Financial management program arrived on campus in June for an in-depth bootcamp on corporate finance and company reports. This bootcamp will give students an in-depth training and real-life experience of the annual company reports of Chinese and International Companies. They will understand the reality of company finance and will use the reports as a means of understanding the deep operation of the companies.


     Sophie Grainger, KPMG


     Laura Wallace, Deloitte


Brendan Hughes, Ernst &Young

Over sixty students from second year and third year of IBS took part in this session as well as group discussions with foreign specialists, to participate in class activities.On the first day of the bootcamp, Dean of IBS, Paul O'Sullivan organized an 'Icebreaker' activity–The Lineup, in order to help the students to relax and to get to know each other and also give the teachers an opportunity to observe the students.


Vice president Xu Shengyun came to the bootcamp to assess the performance and gave high praise on all the students and foreign specialists.During a one week training, the students have had a more in-depth understanding of a really interesting group of companies from a varied group of sectors and many of them have a strong connection and business activity in China.

Edited and Translated:International Business School 

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Source: BGD News (Chinese)

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