Conor Norton

Release time:2019-6-16 23:25:46

Conor Norton.png

Nationality: Irish

Qualifications: PhD BA MRUP MSc

Courses in BGD: Introduction to Spatial Planning, Urbanism

Work Experience:  Professor, Head of School, Environment and Planning School, TU Dublin.

Experience: He is currently researching in a range of areas of planning policy and practice including sustainable city centres, environmental assessment for renewable energy and marine spatial planning. He founded the practice Loci in 2003 and has advised different levels of government and prepared significant National planning policy on Flood Risk Management, Local Area Plans, Unfinished Housing Development and the Design for Urban Roads and Streets. Conor has also prepared a wide range of local spatial plans and detailed urban design and planning schemes. Conor is a Chartered Town Planner and was Chair of Royal Town Planning Institute Ireland in 2015. He is a corporate member of the Irish Planning Institute. 

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