Gengdan Institute Reached a Cooperation with Guangdong Shunde Innovative Design Institute

Release time:2019-6-12 15:08:01

On the morning of the 27th May, 2019, a delegation of 10 people from the Gengdan Institute(BGD) arrived in Shunde City, Guangdong Province, to conduct an inspection and exchange of the Guangdong Industrial Design City(GIDC), and to establish a training base for the government and research institutes with the Guangdong Shunde Innovative Design Institute (GSIDI).


In the morning, accompanied by Dr. Liu Yuxian from GSIDI, the delegation of BGD visited the Innovation Design Museum and the Happy Life Museum of GIDC, and listened in details to the historical development of the GIDC and the achievements made in recent years. GIDC was established in September 2010. It is the largest industrial base of Industrial Design in China, and is located in Beijiao Town, Shunde City, Guangdong Province. Up to now, it has become an industrial park of Industrial Design with 286 innovative companies and more than 8,000 designers serving the world.


Beginning at 11:00 am, the Dean of GSIDI, Dr. Lin Yanzhi and the delegation of BGD conducted cooperation discussion, and signed a MOU, for building a Shunde government, industries, universities, research practicum base. The two sides officially began to deep integration, comprehensive cooperation, and establish a strategic partnership of scientific research and personnel training. GSIDI is a second-class institution directly under the government of Shunde District, Foshan City. It makes the application technology research and development, postgraduate joint training and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation as the core business, precision instrument research, information technology, mechanical automation and industrial design as the main research areas. Since its establishment, it has developed into a research and development institution with more than 140 masters and doctors who graduated from universities such as project 211 and project 985(a National Key Universities), and established a joint training base for building joint graduate program with 71 universities and colleges at home and abroad. The programmes setting of BGD are highly compatible with the research and development orientation of GSIDI.


In the afternoon, on the basis of understanding about the teaching and research conditions and student accommodation resources of GSIDI, the delegation of BGD signed an agreement on the establishment of the BGD Innovation Design Institute at Shunde. GSIDI is used as a training base for the Industrial Design and Product Design programmes of BGD.


On the morning of the 28th May, BGD inspected several companies of GIDC, such as the Hongyi Innovative Design, Milang Seat Design, and Qianlong Industrial Design, etc.

In the Dean, Dr. Lin Yanzhi’s speech of the send-meeting, he emphasized the impact of Internet of Things Engineering and Industrial Design Technology to the world and the future. He hopes that the joint cooperation between BGD and GSIDI will greatly enhance both parties in technology research and talent development. In addition, the cooperation can prompt the research of BGD to take a new step and lay the foundation for the long-term stable development of BGD.

Written:School of Engineering

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Source: BGD News (Chinese)

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