The International Office held a lecture of exchange courses of Hanyang University

Release time:2022-4-12 17:07:39

On the afternoon of March 31st, the International Office held an online lecture about the exchange courses provided by Hanyang university.


To begin with, Ms. Han from the International Office gave a brief introduction to Hanyang university.  She informed all in attendance that, in 1939, the precursor to Hanyang university, DongA Engineering Institute, was founded by Korean industrialist Dr. Kim Yeon-Joon, and that this educational establishment developed into the well-known comprehensive university that exists today with more than 35,000 students and over 4,600 faculties.  She went on to inform students that Hanyang university ranked 156th in the QS World University Ranking of 2022, and that,  in addition, its Seoul campus ranked 3rd in the Korean Central Daily News ranking of 2021, and its ERICA campus ranked 10th.


Ms. Han spent some time introducing the ERICA Campus, where students who join the program live and study for the duration of their stay.  The ERICA campus in Hanyang was the first in Korea to introduce on-campus government research institutes and enterprises.  This cluster of organizations, designed to link industry with academia, creates plenty of opportunities for students. Following her introduction, Ms. Han explained the exchange program with a focus on basic information, application requirements, and procedures.

Once she had finished speaking, Jiaxue Gu, a student from Gengdan university, majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, who this semester is studying as an exchange student at Hanyang university, shared her experiences.  Having applied for the program she was fortunate to be granted free tuition. She has now been studying in South Korea for more than a month.  She mentioned that the campus is large, beautiful and well equipped, creating favorable study and living conditions for students.  She also drew attention to the fact that it is an international campus with students from all around the world. In regard to her studies, she informed us that, at first, she found the English-only courses extremely challenging, but that she has gradually adapted to the language environment and gained confidence in doing so.


At the end of the session, Ms. Han gave detailed answers to a number of students’ questions.


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