Students majoring in product design won awards at the 4th British Ecology Design

Release time:2022-4-2 14:30:35

The 4th British Ecology Design Award has successfully ended. Students majoring in product design of the Gengdan Academy of Design again achieved great success. A total of 18,625 works were received from 9296 participants from 172 universities around the world. After strict evaluation by the committee, 11 awards were given to Gengdan Academy of Design, one being silver award, 7 being bronze awards and three being nomination awards. The works are from those students: He Jinzhe, Wu Jiaman, Liu Sisi, Li Jiayu, Huang Linglin, Ran Guangli, Sun Luyao, He Jianing and Liu Yuchen. Also,Mr. Li Zhonghao has been honored as an excellent instructor. 

The British Ecology Design Award is a design competition combining creativity and sustainability. The British Ecology Design Awards are sponsored by the Environment Agency, the British Ecology Design Association and AMC Environmental Research Agency.

Ecological civilization is a new stage in the development of human civilization. Ecological health means of harmony between man and nature, man and man, man and society. How to use our professional technology to maintain ecological harmony and make everyone pay attention to ecology and sustainability  is what all designers and architects should think about. The event aims to improve the communication between artists and designers in different regions to improve the overall level of design and art creation and build a good ecological and healthy system.

Teachers of Gengdan Academy of Design will continue to encourage students to participate in such competitions and strive for excellence.


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