Message from Honorary President of BGD Invitation Letter to University Entrance Candidates in 2019

Release time:2019-6-24 8:28:19


Frank Mcmahon,

Honorary President, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BGD)

Dear Friends 

You have just completed an important examination in your life. On behalf of Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BGD), I wish you success in that examination and sincerely invite you to join our family and start a new journey in one of the most beautiful campuses in Beijing.

Uniting the best of Chinese and Western traditions, BGD is committed to nurturing responsible global citizens with international talents and vision to compete at the highest level.

Since its establishment 14 years ago, BGD has been committed to academic excellence and has adhered to the highest ethical standards. We offer 22 degree programmes in Art & Design, Business, Engineering and Humanities. All our programmes include internships with employers and thus are relevant to careers. Many programmes offer opportunities for study abroad with our partner universities. To prepare students for such an international experience, many programme offer modules in English as well as Chinese. 

In partnership with Technology University Dublin and other international universities, BGD has offered its teachers unparalleled professional development opportunities. These teachers, assisted by visiting teachers from many countries, provide the best of international practice and will strive to ensure every student realizes his or her academic potent. The teaching at BGD is student-centred, designed to suit individual learner needs. BGD deploys research-based pedagogies and a wide array of international resources to create an enriching, success-oriented environment for all our students.

Three of our programmes are offered in collaboration with Technological University Dublin and they offer students the opportunity to earn double degrees, one Chinese and one European. To avail of this opportunity, students must spend at least one year in Dublin.

BGD promotes lively engagement, self-discipline and autonomy. We believe that through independence, self-confidence and hard work, all students can possess the power to overcome obstacles and achieve success. I warmly invite each of you to embrace BGD as the stage upon which your talents will develop and be expressed for the benefit of yourselves, your families and our society.


Looking forward to meeting you,

With warm wishes.


Dr. Frank McMahon

Honorary President, Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BGD)


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