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Release time:2019-7-8 23:22:43

On July 1st, 2019, a three-week International Bootcamp hosted by IBS began. The International Bootcamp is led by Nicola, Stephanie and John who are from UK and Rebecca who is from Ireland, as well as the English teachers from IBS. Under the leadership of Dean Paul O 'sullivan, this bootcamp aims to help students familiarize themselves with the international learning environment, understand the cultural differences, improve their English proficiency, find their favorite foreign institutions and broaden their international vision.


During the first week, all the students and teachers communicated and talked in English only and the students practice their oral English effectively through daily pre-class English activities. Under the guidance of foreign teachers, students have completed Trip Planning group presentation, conducted several rounds of brainstorming discussions, discussed IKEA business case study, learned Reflective Writing mode and written reflective essay every day after the class. At the same time, Corner, a senior engineer from Huawei in Ireland, was invited to give a short lecture on innovation integration.

We are also very honored to invite Dr. Li Jie, Dean of Humanities School, to give a lecture on the theme of Communication and Expressions. The lecture was so wonderful and loved by students. Lu zhibo, a psychologist teacher from Humanities College, conducted professional psychological tests and vocational tests for the students, aiming to enable them to adapt to foreign life as soon as possible and systematically plan their future careers.

Vice President Xu Shengyun, also encouraged and inspired students during his visit to the bootcamp. In the next two weeks, students will continue to meet the challenge with full spirit and move forward.



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