Tom Kelly

Release time:2019-6-10 9:04:50


Nationality: Irish

Professional Title: Former Senior Lecturer of Visual Communications, Technological University, Dublin (TU Dublin) 

Courses in BGD: Visual Exploration 2; Image-making


Tom Kelly is from the west of Ireland and studied Graphic Design and Photography graduating from Westminster University London, School of Media and Design.

He worked as a freelance photographer/designer for many international corporations and has travelled extensively photographing for the World Health Organisation and the Thoroughbred Horse Industry.

Tom has three books published on the Irish Landscape: – Ireland the Living Landscape, Legendary Ireland, and Literary Ireland.  His images have also appeared in numerous other books and guides; Readers Digest Ireland Guide, APA Insight Guides, Ireland County by County, Salamander Publishers, Irish Days, Kyle Cathie publishers, and Treasures of the Boyne published by Gill & MacMillan.

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