The International Office held a Lecture regarding the Exchange Courses available at Budapest Metropolitan University

Release time:2022-4-21 15:56:29

On the afternoon of April 12th, the International Office held an online lecture regarding the Exchange Courses set up in conjunction with Budapest Metropolitan University.  Mr. Wang from the International Office was invited to explain the course to the students.


Mr. Wang opened with a selection of photos, depicting the beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage and customs of Budapest, the famous historical and cultural city in which the university is located. Mr. Wang emphasized that studying abroad is not only about acquiring academic knowledge, but also about cultural exploration. He gave a basic introduction to Budapest Metropolitan University and the cooperative programs that exist between the two universities. Founded in 2001, Budapest Metropolitan University is one of the largest private universities in Central Europe and one of the first Hungarian institutions of higher education to be accredited by China's Ministry of Education.


The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, communication and media, business  and tourism.  Degree courses in animation, film, and television and design are very popular in Hungary. The university pays attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability. It sets up numerous practical courses, creates internship opportunities, and provides guidance and help for students' employment.   At present, the university cooperates with BGD to organize single-semester exchange courses, undergraduate double-degree courses, and master's courses.  Mr. Wang also explained the application requirements for each course in detail.


At the end of the lecture, Mr. Wang took his own work experience as an example to remind students of the importance of enhancing one’s educational background for career development purposes and offered suggestions on how students can make long-term plans for the future. 

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