Classification Of Perfume Boxes
Oct 19, 2018

Perfume Box Leather Box

Perfume box Leather Box most use PU,PVC and other artificial leather made, leather packaging more suitable for the characteristics of perfume box, from the number above can be divided into single, box multiple.

and perfume leather box in the cost-effective above the other box more advantages, on the one hand can reflect the noble and elegant quality of perfume, on the other hand, the price above has a great advantage.

Perfume Box carton

Perfume Carton is a more common perfume packaging box, mainly used in low-end perfume packaging.

The carton has a great price advantage over other boxes in production and raw materials, and is loved by some low-end products.

Perfume Box Iron Box Some of the big brands are packed in boxes of perfume boxes. Iron box Perfume box, more than other types of perfume packaging box in the production costs will be larger, and high quality. But the iron box gives a pragmatic atmosphere of a stable feeling, mainly used in men's perfume box packaging above.

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