Good Box Customization Not Only Requires Good Pattern Design
Nov 20, 2018

Creative gift box packaging customization is inseparable from excellent design, the ingenious design of pictures, texts, symbols and colors on the box, reasonable combination of elements, requires professional packaging design workers. An excellent gift box packaging is more convincing than direct marketing. The advertising consumers whose purpose is too obvious and too direct are not like and disgusting.

Excellent creative box design with immediate purchases. Good patterns not only show the creative expression and artistic thinking, but also bring people a pleasing visual enjoyment. The combination of packaging and products shows the characteristics of the products and the culture of the company. Then, in the packaging design, what points should be paid attention to when controlling the pattern? Xiaobian helped you summarize the following points:

1. Forms can be fancy and bold.

However, it is impossible to avoid the content and talk about creativity, and it is not related to the products in the package. Also try not to make this "contact" ambiguous, consumers probably know what products are sold, but can not recognize the brand in the first time. Creative packaging design should be closely related to the brand's own attributes, let people know what you are selling and know who you are.

2. Full display of the goods.

Can reduce consumer speculation and doubts, and directly capture the hearts of consumers. There are two ways to do this: one is to use the full transparent packaging or open skylight packaging to directly display the product itself to the consumer; the second is to use the image of the photorealistic product, the most common such as food packaging, through realistic pictures Mouth-watering.

3. The combination of graphics and text is also a very important topic.

The packaging pattern should have detailed text descriptions, specific descriptions of the raw materials, preparation, efficacy, use and maintenance of the products, coupled with the copy of the copy, so that consumers can further deepen the product through text when they are interested in the pattern. impression. The style of the writing is either humorous or solemn. Depending on the product characteristics and the style of the packaging design, you can try some more specific language styles.

4. Pay attention to the use of image color in packaging color.

This is the representative color of a large class of goods, which is the representative color of a certain commodity accumulated in the hearts of consumers for a long time, enabling consumers to produce similar cognitive reflections. For example, the deep red of the drink class Wang Laoji, the dark yellow of the red cow, and the frosty green of Sprite's frost make people know the contents of the package at a glance. Each brand of product should give itself an image tone, and the package design extends on the basis of the main color, but it cannot be violated.

Of course, good packaging customization not only requires good pattern design, but also effective design. Such as protection functions, convenient functions, reuse functions, sales functions, etc. If your graphic design attracts purchases, then the power function is an important factor in determining consumer loyalty. Only by combining design and practicality can we truly meet the diversified needs of consumers.

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