High-end Gift Box Production Process
Nov 20, 2018

The production process of the gift box is much more complicated than the folding paper box. The rear processing of the folding paper box is generally printed--surface finishing (hot stamping, silver coating, partial UV, bulging, etc.)--die cutting-- Glue box - inspection - boxing is completed.

The production process of the gift box is made by printing - surface finishing - overcutting die cutting - gray board die cutting - gray board slotting - gray board forming - outsourcing material paste - assembly - inspection - loading The box is completed. From the flow of the two products, the process of the gift box is complicated and complicated, and the process standard is much higher than that of the folding carton.

The high-end gift boxes that are common in our daily life, most of which are made of paper, and the paper surface is also most suitable for applying more processing, so the following is a process description using paper as the fabric.

一、 paper selection

1 type of paper, such as coated paper, or art paper, pearl paper

2 The thickness of the paper, the paper should not be too thick, thick and easy to wrinkle, but it should not be too thin, otherwise the embossing effect can not be reflected.

二、Surface decoration

1 reverse upward light;

2 film (light film, matte film, touch film, scratch resistant film, etc.);

3 hot stamping (gold, red gold, color gold, silver, laser, etc.);

4 partial scraping of UV oil or screen ink;

5 special colorful powder;

6 convex convex;

7 embossing and so on.

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