How Effective To Prevent From Mildew In Factory Gift Boxes
Oct 25, 2018

How effective to prevent from mildew in factory gift boxes

Why are gift boxes mouldy?


  According to our years of experience and practical research, mold in gift boxes is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. Excessive humidity in the warehouse and humidity in the air lead to damp in the color box;

2. The jelly and animal glue used for paper mounting, which are naturally rich in protein and starch, have become the favorite nutrients of mold, thus increasing the risk of mildew in the gift box;

3. The paper material itself has high humidity, and the potential risk of mildew may occur when it is over 12%;


Advice on mildew resistance for raw material and finished products

1. The material warehouse and finished product warehouse should be inspected regularly. The goods stored in the warehouse should not be piled on the ground, and should be put in the material rack for placement.

2. The fabric and packaging materials should not be stacked on the floor directly, and should be separated by pallet and 10CM away from wall >. Do not rely on materials or materials on the wall.

3. Due to paying attention to ventilation, when the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the doors and Windows, and conversely open the doors and Windows, record the humidity and temperature change. If the indoor relative humidity is greater than 80% in the humid season. Dehumidification equipment should be installed to reduce the risk of damp mildew.


Mildew proof recommendations for the transport of gift boxes (for export if necessary)

1. Check whether the ventilation holes and sealing facilities are intact and whether they are leakage and deformation.

2. The containers should be clean, free of oil and odor to avoid cross infection. It is recommended to spray an appropriate amount of asd-pw antifungal agent in containers.

3. Before loading, to avoid moisture (" container rain ") caused by ocean transportation climate change (temperature change), it is recommended to hang the container dry bar on the inner wall of the groove in the container, every interval of 3m/ piece.

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