Making Method Of Kraft Paper Bag
Oct 19, 2018

Kraft paper Bag because of its environmental characteristics, by the people's good, especially in Europe, almost all the use of Kraft paper bags, kraft paper bags have several practices.

1, small white kraft paper bags, the general number of such bags, the use of a wide range, because a lot of businesses are required this kraft paper bags cheap and durable, usually this Kraft paper bag is machine-shaped, machine-attached rope, fully machine-operated. 

2, medium-sized kraft paper bag practices, usually, medium-sized kraft paper bags are machine-pasted after the man hand-pasted rope and made into the Kraft paper bag, due to the current domestic Kraft bag molding equipment is limited by the molding size, and kraft paper bag sticking rope machine can only be affixed to the small bag of rope, So the practice of Kraft paper bags is limited by the machine.

A lot of bags have no way to get the machines to work alone.

3, large bags, there are anti-head kraft paper bags, thicker yellow kraft paper bags, the practice of these kraft paper bags to be purely handmade, the current domestic has not been able to solve these Kraft bag molding machine, can only hand-made, this kind of kraft bag production costs are higher, the number will not be very large. 

4, regardless of which kind of Kraft paper bag, if the number is not large enough generally used purely handmade, because the machine made Kraft paper bag loss, there is no way to solve the practice of small quantities of kraft paper bag.

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