Packaging | General Packaging To Intelligent Packaging Road Is Struggling
Oct 22, 2018

Packaging | General packaging to "intelligent" packaging road is struggling

  Recently, all kinds of intelligent products and digital visions have been floating around in the minds of marketers and consumers, and the packaging industry needs to catch up with other industries in the 21st century and undergo its own digital transformation. But can brand packaging really take advantage of smartphones? 


Packaging | general packaging to "intelligent" packaging road is struggling

The origin of intelligent packaging

  Consumer goods companies realize that it is necessary to narrow the entity marketing channel and the digital gap between marketing channels, through better and more attractive consumer experience to deal with slow growth, product will be packed physical and digital marketing together, at the same time efforts will intelligent packaging and other inputs for millions of new technology is applied to their overall strategy. 

  Consumer goods companies are thinking about how to achieve the digitization, automation and connectivity of packaging, using electronic and digital functions to attract consumers through smartphones; It even USES packaging to provide micro-services, such as verifying products or showing them to retailers. If you would like to learn more about packaging box products, please click here.


  While talking about how to produce packaging that encourages consumers to go beyond buying to achieve brand loyalty, many companies struggle to accurately and efficiently produce simple, non-intelligent packaging products.

Serious waste of ordinary packing

  We still see packaging errors on store shelves in terms of color consistency, content labels or print quality, while brands continue to make new hot spots, ignoring the work that packaging has already produced - the lack of high-quality product content or realistic product images. When packaging is already on the market, it is rarely used for remarketing. In fact, not using them is wasteful.


  Taking advantage of smart packaging, the physical interaction between consumers and packaged products is still very important, especially for fast moving consumer goods. If a brand can't even master the basics of packaging, how can it expect to move into advanced packaging?

  It's like trying to dunk a ball before you can dribble, running a marathon when you can't finish a 5k, trying to write a poem when you can't even write a sentence.

  You might be thinking, "" why not skip the basics and go straight to the bigger, more stylish areas where we remain at the forefront and leading the way in consumer trends!" " In this regard, I think the process of construction is not equivalent to adopting new technologies.

  Five common packaging mistakes

  Each brand repeats the same five mistakes in slightly different ways:

  Forget that packaging is actually a big part of the consumer goods industry.

Do not test the product packaging response, do not know how long the packaging change will take, and do not know how to make up for the negative impact of the packaging that has entered the market.

  Eliminate the feasibility of packaging in the innovation project, and find "surprise" in the implementation.

  The brand sends the wrong message to the packaging design company.

Although many brands have gone digital, there are no parameters that go with the packaging, including content, art, shape, color, etc., to satisfy the marketing channel.

Create new experiences in "smart Spaces"

  Design, marketing and packaging require organization of product data, colors, and images. The digitization and streamlining of brand packaging functions can improve brand consistency and quality for better consumer experience, which is delivered with the high response speed expected by consumers and maintains the cost of brand profitability. In this way, brands can confidently move from simple packaging to "intelligent" packaging, making seemingly far-reaching dreams a reality.


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