The Color Matching Of The Package Design Is Very Important
Dec 08, 2018

Often the interest in color can lead to people's sense of color aesthetics. In the design of gift boxes, the decoration and beautification of colors play a big role. For example, the so-called depth contrast refers to the fact that the two colors in the design color appear subtly on a kind of picture at the same time, which produces a more harmonious viewing angle effect.

Color not only plays an important role in the design of gift boxes, but also plays an important role in people's social life, production labor and daily clothing, food, housing and travel. According to modern scientific research data, 90% of the information received by a normal person from the outside world is imported into the brain by visual organs, all from the external visual image, and the first impression of vision is often the feeling of color. .

Therefore, the design of the box is very focused on color matching!

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