The Craft Of High-grade Cosmetic Packaging Box
Dec 03, 2018

    Paper selection: Paper mainly includes white cardboard, glass card, gold card, pearl card, etc., more commonly 280-350 grams of white card, generally using imported brands, such as: Swedish white card, American white card, Finland White card and Brazilian white card, which are characterized by uniform surface coating, good printing coloration, fine grain texture and high fiber content. Especially the Swedish white card paper has all the requirements for making professional cosmetic packaging. Most of the well-known foreign brands use this type of paper.

surface treatment

Understanding of the process:

1. UV printing is a printing process for drying and curing ink by ultraviolet light. It is required to match the ink containing the photosensitizer with the UV curing lamp. The UV ink has covered the fields of offset printing, screen printing, inkjet printing and pad printing. The traditional printing industry refers to the UV effect of printing, which is to apply a layer of varnish (light, matte, mosaic crystal, glitter powder, etc.) on a printed pattern you want, mainly to increase Product brightness and artistic effect, protect the surface of the product, its hardness, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc. Some laminating products are now changed to UV, which can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to bond, some can only pass Local UV or sanding to solve.

2, embossing is a common printing process. The embossing process is a process of using an uneven mold to plastically deform a printed matter under a certain pressure to perform art processing on the surface of the printed matter. The embossed printed surface has different patterns and textures, which have obvious embossed three-dimensional effect and enhance the artistic appeal of printed matter.

3, laminating, also known as "over-plastic", "silicone", "film", etc., refers to the transparent plastic film by hot pressing coating on the surface of the print, to protect and increase the gloss. The film is a main process of post-press processing. It is a product in which the plastic film coated with the adhesive is bonded to the paper printed matter after being heated and pressed to form a paper-plastic composite. It is currently common. One of the post-printing processes for paper prints. The film-coated printed matter has a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, and the surface is smoother and brighter, which not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, but also prolongs the service life of the printed matter, and the plastic film also protects against moisture. Waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant, folding-resistant, chemical-resistant and other protective effects. If the transparent bright film is used, the printed image of the coated product is more vivid and full of three-dimensional, which is especially suitable for the packaging of green foods and the like, which can cause people's appetite and desire for consumption. If a matt film is used, the film product will give consumers a noble and elegant feeling. Therefore, the packaged printed matter after the film can significantly improve the grade and added value of the product package.

4, confrontation means to put two thin things together, and then merge into one, forming a new thing or the whole. For example, in the process of producing cartons and packaging boxes, there is a process called confrontation, which means that a thin piece of copper paper, special paper or double-adhesive paper is passed through the glue machine and glued together.

5, printing: the outer packaging is mainly based on offset printing, silk screen printing and gravure printing, because the small version of the operation of various processes is more accurate and better grasp, so the printing imposition suggestions are as small as possible, generally a version on the 4-6 The best is the best, the paper texture should be along the paper as much as possible, which is beneficial to the best forming degree of the carton; in the printing color, the color is mainly used, so that the color uniformity of the packaging is well grasped, such as To make the packaging color printing more vivid and distinctive, it is recommended to use several printing processes to effectively combine to achieve special packaging requirements.

6, hot stamping: cosmetics boxes have always had high requirements for hot stamping technology, this aspect must not only match the high performance equipment, but also have certain standards for gold paper, the color diversity of gold paper imported from the UK and South Korea. And the quality can meet the requirements; the bronzing version is mainly copper plate, the copper bronzing plate has the characteristics of high number of hot stamping, no deformation, no burrs, etc. For some cartons with high quality requirements, we now use cigarette case packaging. The copper electro-engraving plate formed on the upper surface of the hot stamping is like engraving on the paper after hot stamping, so that the quality of the packaging is significantly improved, but the cost is higher than that of the ordinary copper plate and zinc plate.

7, surface treatment: there are light glue, elegant rubber, PET film, varnish, polishing, oil and other processes, according to different designs, combined with surface treatment, because each surface treatment has a different style, such as environmental protection If required, UV is recommended.

8. Auxiliary process: There are concave and convex, concave and concave, embossing, partial UV, partial embossing, partial silk screen, such as: water splash, wrinkles, refraction, frosting, etc. The auxiliary process effect is obvious, but it is not suitable. It is recommended to use one or two. As well.

9. Mold molding, sticking: Whether the texture of the cosmetic packaging is good, whether it is flat, whether the corner is clear, the requirements for the blank are very strict, it is recommended to use the computer blank mold; by calculating the reasonable according to the requirements of each packaging After the ploughing data, the error of the blank molding is only 0.3 mm, and it is glued out accurately with the automatic glue boxing machine. A beautiful packaging is displayed.

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