The Role Of The Packaging Box Design
Oct 19, 2018

Whether a commodity can have good sales performance must be tested by the market. In the whole marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role, it uses its own unique image language and consumer communication, to affect the consumer's first sentiment, the consumer at the first sight of it in the packaging of its products have interest. It can both promote success and lead to failure, and a packaging that is not as revealing as a consumer can sweep through. With the continuous development and perfection of our market economy, the majority of consumers have become more mature and rational, the market gradually revealed the "buyer's market," the characteristics, which not only increased the difficulty in product marketing, but also make packaging design encounters unprecedented challenges, driving product packaging to grasp the public consumption psychology, towards more scientific,

A higher level of direction development. Packaging becomes the main behavior of marketing in actual business activities, and inevitably has a close relationship with the psychological activities of consumers. As a packaging designer, if you do not understand the consumption of psychology will be caught blind. How to attract the attention of consumers, and how to further stimulate their interest, induce them to take the final purchase behavior, which must involve the knowledge of consumer psychology. Therefore, the study of consumer psychology and change is an important part of packaging design. Only by grasping and rationally applying the law of consumption psychology can we improve the quality of design effectively, increase the value of goods and improve the sales efficiency.

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