What Are The Common Glues For Packaging Gift Boxes?
Jan 11, 2019

The main structure of the gift box is divided into two types: a foldable gift box and a non-foldable one. The foldable gift box can be folded at one time without sticking. Non-foldable gift boxes, such as the heaven and earth cover, the flip box, etc., the paste will use glue.

Jelly gum, jelly gel named after the appearance of jelly, the main ingredient is hot melt adhesive, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, as well as a clear fragrance, mainly used in the paste process of gift boxes. The gluing method mainly includes gluing and manual gluing of the glue machine.

White latex is one of the oldest glues. It is suitable for pasting glue, rubber paper and plain paper, special paper, gold and silver cardboard, plastic box and wooden box. It is widely used in the production of hardcover boxes, jewelry boxes, moon cake boxes, wine boxes and gift boxes and PVC leather boxes in the printing and packaging and paper packaging industries.

Paper plastic, suitable for bonding of light glue, rubber and plain paper, special paper, art paper, pearl paper, etc. It is widely used not only in the production of gift boxes but also in the production of portable paper bags.

In fact, in addition to these kinds of, the glue that can be used in the process of making a gift box has water-based glue, universal glue, jigsaw glue .

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