What Are The Main Features Of The Gift Box?
Dec 29, 2018

Gift boxes play an important role in product packaging. Characteristic boxes can attract people's attention. What are the main features of gift boxes?

Gift packaging has a common "festival" element, and the expression of this element is expressed in text and color on the printing or finishing technology. According to the structural characteristics of the finished product, the gift wrapping cartons can be roughly divided into two types: one is a folding carton, that is, the product can be folded and pressed; the other is a fixed carton, that is, the finished carton cannot be folded and pressed. Among them, the folding carton is widely used because of its small footprint and convenient transportation. The shape of the gift box is still not fixed. The shape is mainly the market box displayed by individual customization and different customization requirements. This type of box is generally privately customized and will not be sold in batches. From the design itself, the creation of personalized gift packaging is also an element of art.

The mass gift packaging emphasizes popularization and generalization, which mainly reflects the human culture of gift giving, while the brand gift packaging also has brand promotion and unique personality characteristics. From the desire to promote consumer purchases, to meet the concerns of consumers' inner uneasiness. This is a big reflection of the brand effect.

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