What Kind Of Material Is Usually Used As A Gift Box?
Jan 11, 2019

Gift boxes will change with the changes of the times, from product design, printing to adjust to meet the packaging needs of products, only products can be innovated in order to not be eliminated, this is also a practical topic.

The ever-changing packaging industry has appeared in many special materials in the use of materials. In the paper category, there are various kinds of processed special papers, but some special papers cannot make big due to the technical goodness in printing. Breakthroughs are not common on today's boxes. The material of the gift box is generally divided into: paper type, the forming box is generally equipped with a handbag or formed with a hand. The wooden box has a good bearing capacity and has a certain weight. It is generally used as a storage package for some high-end health care boxes, and the leather box is also the choice of the main box type.

In the choice of gift box material, it is still more inclined to the carton. Paper is more comprehensive in printing technology, easier to shape and change. It can be used to form low, medium and high-grade packaging boxes through different processes. Its environmentally friendly material is also the first choice for many product packaging and food packaging.

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