What Materials Are Commonly Used In Tea Gift Packaging?
Dec 29, 2018

Everyone is familiar with tea gift packaging, each product has packaging, and the packaging of different products is different. The product was previously packaged to protect the product from damage during transportation, and today, packaging is an integral part of the product's facade. So, what materials are commonly used in tea gift packaging?

There are many different kinds of boxes in the market, but what are the materials of these boxes? Ordinary packaging is relatively simple in material and structure, and many of them are two-layer or single-layer structures for snack packaging of bread desserts. Our commonly used packaging materials are mainly PET, VMPET, KPET, matte PET, OPP, pearl OPP, matte OPP and other materials, these are mostly used for conventional product packaging, BOPA and AL are generally used in high-end packaging, Not much use in ordinary packaging. Paper materials generally include gray-white board paper, white-white board paper, double-sided coated white card, etc., and a low corrugated one, which produces a tray higher in strength than other cartons, and plastic materials have no solvent. Composite, dry composite, and extrusion composite three major plates, among which dry composite is the mainstream.

The food material is mostly made of transparent water-resistant high-resistance packaging bag, which is generally divided into two-layer structure (KPA/PE) and three-layer structure cardboard according to the component size of the product. Sometimes, some post-press auxiliary processes are also performed, such as Embossing, hot silver/gold, windowing, filming, etc. These packaging materials are common packaging materials in our daily lives. The quality of the packaging is also related to the quality of the material. The same packaging made with different materials gives people different effects.

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